‚ÄčThe Bastille is a company for practitioners of consensual sadomasochism. It is our firmly held belief that the reactions of our partners as we inflict sensation upon them is beautiful. With that beauty we believe that the tools we use to inflict those sensations should also be just as beautiful. We are committed to providing some of the loveliest products on the market. We sample and test all of our products for quality and provide you with only the best.

The Bastille’s inception has been a long time coming from the mind and heart of Hoss, proprietor and lifelong sadist. The dream began long before the journey. The beginning of 2015 began the coming together of our team and product line. Our premier event was Behind Closed Doors, a BDSM conference held annually in Tuscon, Arizona, in October 2015. Since then we have seen such conferences as Beyond Vanilla in Dallas, Texas, Sin in the City in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Fetish Fair Flea Market in Providence, Rhode Island. We have traveled all across the United States and continue looking forward to traveling and providing you with beautiful tools to produce beautiful pain.¬†

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